Web Development

Professional website

Business website

What it is: Whether you’re creating a consulting website, corporate website, or a startup website, a business website establishes your brand’s online presence. 

Use a customizable business website template to create a digital space introducing your brand and what you do. If relevant, you can also add a booking system or scheduling software that enables customers to easily reserve an appointment. 

eCommerce website

Online store website templates include customizable eCommerce features, like category pages and menu bars with business information. In addition, secure checkout is built right now to keep customer information safe from hackers or data breaches.

Blog website

Blogs are a space for people to share written and visual content about whatever they desire. You can even make money blogging by using affiliate links or working with advertisers. Some of the most popular types of blogs include travel blogs, food blogs and lifestyle blogs. While blogging initially began as a way for individuals to share their ideas online, 86% of businesses now employ blogging as part of their content marketing strategy to acquire leads through organic traffic and social shares. 


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